School Governors

The Governing Body has a vital role to play in ensuring every child receives the best possible education by driving up school and children's performance. The Governing Body is the key strategic decision-making body of school and sets the school's strategic framework. The Governing Body agrees the strategic priorities, aims and objectives for the school and signs off the policies, plans and targets in order to achieve them. They check on progress and regularly review the strategic framework for the school in the light of that progress.

The Governing Body leaves the running of the school to the headteacher, which is the only appointment they are responsible for. It is their role to support and strengthen the headteacher's leadership and to hold the head accountable for the performance of children and staff. This is particularly important in relation to the educational performance of the school.

Governors need to know their school. They do this through visits to see the school in action, they check that the school is implementing the policies and improvement plans they sign off, and see for themselves how the vision and plans for the school are working in practice. While it is helpful to see classes at work, Governors are not inspectors and it is not their role to assess the quality or method of teaching.

All Governors bring with them a range of different skills and experiences. Decisions are taken by the whole Governing Body, but to make the best use of everyone's time and expertise, all Governors at Maryport Church of England Junior School also join one of two committees. Committees work on particular aspects of school life and present their recommendations to the full Governing Body for approval or discussion. These committees are:

1. Whole Child Committee which deals with curriculum, safeguarding, attendance and behaviour, parents and community links

2. Management Committee which oversees staffing, finance and health & safety