Forest Schools

As part of our environmental ethos, we have integrated the Forest Schools Programme attended by all children during the school year.

What is Forest Schools?

The philosophy of Forest Schools is to encourage and inspire individuals of any age through positive outdoor experiences over an extended period of time. At Maryport Junior School we are fortunate to have our own extensive woodland within our school grounds; this is an ideal location for a Forest School being easily accessible with no additional travel costs and which can be accessed all year round.

What is Forest Schools for?

Through our Forest School work we want to inspire children to become interested in nature and to see it as part of their own well-being. An important part of the work will be around building aspirations and developing self-worth, offering success outside the classroom and offering new experiences. Team and collaborative work will help to develop self-awareness which will then become a foundation for personal development.

What benefits will my child get from participating in Forest Schools?

Forest Schools supports the holistic development of the child:
  • Health and Fitness - Being active in an outdoor, natural environment
  • Increased emotional wellbeing - There is research available supporting this
  • Social Development - Communicating, and negotiating with peers and adults to solve problems and share experiences
  • Skills Development - Developing fine and gross motor skills and coordination for real purposes
  • Gaining knowledge and understanding - Multi-sensory, real-life learning
  • Individualised learning - Careful observations allows adults to talior support to children's own interests and stage of development
  • Curriculum Links - Forest Schools supports many area of the Early Years Foundation Stage framework, National Curriculum and the Every Child Matters agenda.