Reading policy statement

At Maryport C of E Junior School we believe that children deserve a rich curriculum which encourages extensive reading of whole books and other kinds of texts. We believe that active encouragement of reading for pleasure is a core part of every child's educational entitlement, whatever their background or attainment because we know that extensive reading and exposure to a wide range of texts make a huge contribution to students' educational achievement.

Our aim is to promote the concepts of reading for 'fun', 'enjoyment' and 'pleasure' by ensuring that we include a range of 'real books' within the Curriculum for English as well as the opportunity for sustained reading from a range of other self-chosen fiction and non-fiction texts from our school library or from those that children choose from home.

Maryport C of E Junior School tries to engage and support parents in enabling access to a range of texts by offering an open door policy, which means that they have access to our newly refurbished library and the reading books on offer to the children if they wish to come in and do so. Where we believe that children have little access to good quality books the school tries to provide compensatory measures which allow equality of access to all children e.g. sending extra books home, reading with a reading volunteer, daily reading approaches and attending reading groups. We believe that the staff and adults who work at Maryport C of E Junior School should be 'reading role models' and we try to ensure that adults share their favourite texts with the children.

Our school is proud to be an 'Accelerated Reader' school. This not only encourages children to select books which are appropriate for their level of reading, but gives them immediate feedback after taking a 'quiz' which shows their knowledge and understanding of the texts that they have read. Children are engaged with the certification scheme and want to achieve high standards. Achievements in reading are celebrated weekly in our whole school celebration assembly. Accelerated Reader has been a particularly useful tool in engaging boys to read in Lower Key Stage Two. We use our website to give parents a link in order to access to the Accelerated Reader website. This allows them to find books for their children at an appropriate level in the genres that they enjoy reading. Our website also allows parents to access our planning overviews and whole school yearly plan. On this, key texts that the children will be reading in class are easily identifiable. Many of these books are linked to the 'Power of Reading', which has been an instrumental tool in promoting reading for enjoyment in our school through whole class teaching. We try to ensure that there is an opportunity for children to access a wide range of texts that are linked to our topic work also, using the Cumbria Children's Library Services to order extra topic boxes where necessary.

Our library is an area of the school that we are particularly proud of. It is an inviting room that children are able to use confidently and independently due to the fact it is set up in a child friendly, easily accessible way. All children in school are given a daily reading slot, giving them the opportunity to visit the library, change their books and take time to look at the huge range of texts on offer to them. During this time children work through a rotation of reading activities over the week, giving them the opportunity to work in small groups to extend their knowledge of answering reading style questions. All classrooms in school also have small reading areas that the children can use to sit in comfortably during this reading time. The school invests money into maintaining a rich collection of books that not only caters for a range of reading abilities, but also different reading interests. With a vast amount of fiction and non-fiction texts and a large poetry collection, we are extremely proud of the range of texts that we can offer our children. Children in our nurture group also use our story sacks to further encourage reading for pleasure.

Children are fully enthused with the RIC approach to reading. This allows children to study a variety of stimulus (music videos, animations, adverts, non-fiction texts and poetry) to answer read, interpret and choice questions.
Our higher ability readers in year 5 and 6 enjoy participating in the 'Spellbinding' club. Here they have the opportunity to read high level, new releases and provide reviews and recommendations to others.

Children are encouraged to read aloud in class as much as possible. This may be as a celebration of work, performances in class, or as part of their termly class assemblies in front of the rest of school and parents. We are also proud of the performances that our children take part in at Christmastime, Harvest time, Summer and at the Year 6 leavers service, reading aloud to many people who come to watch.

Paired reading is popular, particularly with our younger children, who enjoy reading to their peers further up the school.