Our school is a Kidsafe school - we learn how to keep ourselves safe and what to do if we ever have 'yukky' feelings.

Mrs Bethwaite and Mrs Pape have been trained to deliver our Kidsafe sessions to all of our classes along with KS (their puppet friend).

To find out more about Kidsafe, please visit http://kidsafeuk.co.uk/about-kidsafe/

You can view our Kidsafe slide show by clicking on an image below:
Slide Show Presentation .pdf file

The Kidsafe Programme

  • The Kidsafe programme continues to build children's confidence, self esteem and equip them with effective skills to deal with unsafe situations.
  • Kidsafe enables children to value themselves and others and helps them to make wise and healthy choices and decisions in their lives.
  • Kidsafe teaches children to recognise and/or prevent abuse i.e. what is and is not appropriate. This is done in an age appropriate, fun and non-scary way through a variety of media including the use of our puppet (KS), games and worksheets.

Topics covered during the programme include:-

  • Identifying what gives children 'yukky feelings';
  • difficulties children may have to speak out about bullying and cyber bulling;
  • understanding peer pressure and enabling children to understand how difficult it is to say 'no' to their peers;
  • Identifying potential harm and impact for children in relation to constant exposure to violent games/films, choices;
  • identifying what makes children 'angry' and exploring strategies to help children deal with this issue;
  • exploring the potential impact of children witnessing parents/carers arguing;
  • not keeping secrets that are harmful.