Swimming is part of the Key Stage 2 curriculum and is therefore a compulsory part of your child's education. It is always helpful if your child is confident in water for their own safety. By the end of Key Stage 2 the standard of swimming 25 metres is a minimum, not a maximum requirement. A pupil who can just swim 25 metres will still be exposed to danger in water in the wrong circumstances. Pupils should be encouraged to practice their swimming in order to build upon the basic skills and make them a more competent swimmer.

At Maryport Church of England Junior School we use some of our Sports Funding to support a whole school approach to swimming. Every year group goes swimming during the summer term at Netherhall Pool, we provide approximately 10 sessions each year. This year as part of our healthy life-style challenge, everyone is walking to and from the pool. Those Y6 children who do not meet the minimum standard of 25 metres may receive top-up lessons.